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Demystifying Auth features in CakePHP 1.2

This is actually a quick follow-up to the tutorial I’ve posed recently, which had a few simple, but not very obvious Auth component techniques. I’d like to cover them in more detail here… Let’s take a look at the app_controller.php again: class AppController extends Controller {     var $components[…]

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Introduction to CakePHP features (build an app in less than 15 minutes)

I would like to showcase the awesome power of CakePHP by providing an introductory tutorial, which is going to cover some basics as well as slightly more advanced features such as the Auth (user authorization) component. The goal of this tutorial is to setup a working application, which is going[…]

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CakePHP + MySQL + Tinyint(1) = Confusion

Just a quick note to point out that CakePHP fakes a BOOLEAN field in MySQL by using tinyint(1). MySQL doesn’t have a native support for BOOLEAN. Therefore if you attempt to save some value other than 0 or 1, CakePHP will not allow you to do that (instead it will[…]

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