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The great PHP MVC Framework Showdown of 2016 – (CakePHP 3 vs Symfony 2 vs Laravel 5 vs Zend 2)

— Hey buddy, it’s 2015!! — Dohhh… I do hope that some of the things I’ve come to see and understand over the years regarding various PHP MVC frameworks will remain true for at least another half a year. I’ve mustered the strength to write this up only after I[…]

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How do you monetize open source?

This is one of the questions that I get asked a lot, perhaps a little too often for my comfort, to be honest. Especially since I started running wealthbot.io (world’s first open-source wealth management framework) at the beginning of this year, it is definitely something that comes up at least[…]

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Making sense of Vagrant for your CakePHP or Symfony2 project

I saw a commercial on late night TV, it said,”Forget everything you know about slipcovers.” So I did. And it was a load off my mind. — Mitch Hedberg You can forget everything you know about vagrant… There are a million ways to use it, there are countless tutorials on[…]

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When you trend on github…

Update: we’ve actually reached #1 :) #1 trending project on github … It feels good, when your baby project becomes very “trendy” overnight. Today, we are a few stars away from being #1 in the world on github: Oh how trendy… wealthbot.io on github However, with that comes a number[…]

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Introducing wealthbot.io

I am pretty excited about this one… After a few years of brainstorming, developing, testing, breaking and fixing by a team of a few brilliant people, I have the privilege to open source a very cool project. wealthbot.io — (we affectionately call him Webo) is the world’s first open source[…]

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Upgrading Ubuntu to 14.04, 500 errors because of .htaccess and other fun things…

Did you notice? The site was down for a bit today, because I’ve decided to upgrade Ubuntu to 14.04 LTS. First of all a bad idea to do so during the day, since I had a bunch of work meetings scheduled already. Secondly (as it always happens), after a very[…]

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It’s time to get up… A short story of a stand up desk programmer

I have to make a confession. I’ve been using a stand up desk user for over a year now. Meaning I choose to stand at my desk instead of sitting down… Have I gone mad? Or do I just want to jump on another trend? Let me see if I[…]

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How To Get The Best Kind of Visitors With Benchmarking in Google Analytics

I decided to click into the new Benchmarking feature in Google Analytics. Apparently this report’s been around since September of last year, but this was the first time I really noticed it. After clicking in I was greeted with, as usual with Google Analytics, a bunch of data and no[…]

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CakePHP 3 … the app is mature (step 6 — Controller, JSON testing and a little more…)

(Get the app code on github.) Ah, after a few lengthy days of work, we have arrived at the conclusion of our development efforts. In the last post I have done a little recap of the things accomplished so far. And here, as promised, I am going to piece everything[…]

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CakePHP 3 … fully grown (step 5 — Model layer and testing)

(Get the app code on github.) Finally we are at the point where some interesting things are about to happen. Let’s recap a little so far: I’ve got CakePHP 3 installed and ready to build our first app. I’ve setup necessary plugins to aid my development and have added some[…]

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