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Making sense of Vagrant for your CakePHP or Symfony2 project

I saw a commercial on late night TV, it said,”Forget everything you know about slipcovers.” So I did. And it was a load off my mind. — Mitch Hedberg You can forget everything you know about vagrant… There are a million ways to use it, there are countless tutorials on[…]

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When you trend on github…

Update: we’ve actually reached #1 :) #1 trending project on github … It feels good, when your baby project becomes very “trendy” overnight. Today, we are a few stars away from being #1 in the world on github: Oh how trendy… wealthbot.io on github However, with that comes a number[…]

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Introducing wealthbot.io

I am pretty excited about this one… After a few years of brainstorming, developing, testing, breaking and fixing by a team of a few brilliant people, I have the privilege to open source a very cool project. wealthbot.io — (we affectionately call him Webo) is the world’s first open source[…]

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Upgrading Ubuntu to 14.04, 500 errors because of .htaccess and other fun things…

Did you notice? The site was down for a bit today, because I’ve decided to upgrade Ubuntu to 14.04 LTS. First of all a bad idea to do so during the day, since I had a bunch of work meetings scheduled already. Secondly (as it always happens), after a very[…]

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It’s time to get up… A short story of a stand up desk programmer

I have to make a confession. I’ve been using a stand up desk user for over a year now. Meaning I choose to stand at my desk instead of sitting down… Have I gone mad? Or do I just want to jump on another trend? Let me see if I[…]

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How To Get The Best Kind of Visitors With Benchmarking in Google Analytics

I decided to click into the new Benchmarking feature in Google Analytics. Apparently this report’s been around since September of last year, but this was the first time I really noticed it. After clicking in I was greeted with, as usual with Google Analytics, a bunch of data and no[…]

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CakePHP 3 … the app is mature (step 6 — Controller, JSON testing and a little more…)

(Get the app code on github.) Ah, after a few lengthy days of work, we have arrived at the conclusion of our development efforts. In the last post I have done a little recap of the things accomplished so far. And here, as promised, I am going to piece everything[…]

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CakePHP 3 … fully grown (step 5 — Model layer and testing)

(Get the app code on github.) Finally we are at the point where some interesting things are about to happen. Let’s recap a little so far: I’ve got CakePHP 3 installed and ready to build our first app. I’ve setup necessary plugins to aid my development and have added some[…]

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CakePHP 3 … growing up (step 4 — it’s AJAX time)

(Get the app code on github.) Taking a look back at where I have left off, it’s time to start working on the interactive part of our application. It should come as no surprise that most of the actions taken in the app will be AJAX-based. In other words, submitting[…]

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Cake3 … baby steps (step 3 — let’s get to work, front-end preparation)

(Get the app code on github.) In part 1 and part 2 of these mini-series, I went over the basics of installation of CakePHP 3, as well as setting up the initial database and table for our application. Now that the data modeling part is done :), it’s time consider[…]

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